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  • My current research explores insomnia from a psychoanalytic perspective.

It’s 3:30am, and you’re awake again.  You groan internally as your body starts to thaw against your will.  “I can’t be awake right now.  Go back to sleep,” you think, annoyed with yourself.  Breathing exercises.  Visualizations of peaceful places.  Didn’t I take melatonin earlier?  But the anxiety, dread, and despair starts to crowd your mind.  The low hum of the night is comforting, on the one hand.  No one else is awake.  Maybe you can get ahead of some work right now.  But your mind is too tired to pin down anything useful.  You turn over and feel the comfort of blankets in a new position.  Just as you start to fall asleep, a thought crosses your mind that sends a jolt of fear through your chest.  You can’t find that sweet spot to finally drift into the elusive safety of sleep.

If this feels like you, I would like to help you achieve better well-being, fulfillment, and deeper understanding into yourself.  Sleep may finally come to you in sweeping regularity, peacefulness, and ease.  Contemporary psychoanalysis and my approach to issues like sleep from the perspective that the unconscious, emotions, relationships, and a mind-body connection affect all processes of life.

  • Reiki

Reiki is nearly 100-year-old energy healing method originating in Japan with some roots in Tibet.  I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master and Owner of Luminous Reiki OC, which features the Science of Reiki.  Mind-body medicine and energy healing influences some of my psychoanalytic thinking, especially related to insomnia.

My certifications:

    • Master Teacher Certification Usui Reiki I, II, III (Kerri Draper) (2017)

    • Reiki for Depression & Anxiety, Reproductive Issues, Basic Reflexology

    • Certified Usui Reiki I (Anne Reith, PhD IMPART Center) (2016)

    • CPR / First Aid / AED Certified, Red Cross (2019-2021)

    • More on my reiki FAQ page