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Journal Articles:

2016. “Contingent Invisibility: Space, Community, and Invisibility for Les in Saigon.” GLQ. Duke University Press, 22.1, 109-136.

Book Chapters:

2015. “Homosexuality and Transgenderism in Vietnam.” Handbook of Sexuality Studies in East Asia. Eds. Vera Mackie and Mark McLelland. Abindon, UK: Routledge Press, pp. 255-267.

Book Reviews:

2015. Book Review (invited). Brown Boys and Rice Queens: Spell-binding performance in the Asias” by Eng-Beng Lim. NYU Press, 2014. Anthropological Quarterly, Vol. 88, No. 2, pp. 587–596.

2012. Feature book review essay (invited). Tình dc: Chuyn dễ đùa khó nói [Sexuality in Contemporary Vietnam: Easy to Joke About, Hard to Talk About] ; Hnh Phúc là Sng Tht [Real Life, True Happiness] ; Ironies of Freedom: Sex, Culture, and Neoliberal Governance in Vietnam. Journal of Vietnamese Studies. 7(2): 170-179.

Doctoral Dissertation: “A queer political economy of ‘community’: Gender, space, and the transnational politics of community for Vietnamese lesbians (les) in Saigon” (Newton 2012)

  • Winner, 2012 Kenneth Payne Prize for queer anthropology, “Contingent Invisibility,” Association for Queer Anthropologists (AQA), a division of the American Anthropological Association.
  • Winner, 2009 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Award.
  • Dissertation Reviews: Kimberly Kay Hoang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Sociology, Boston College. “Natalie Newton has written what is destined to be a classic book that expands multiple fields, including — but not limited to — studies on Southeast Asia, gender, sexualities, globalization, and transnationalism. …”